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They will be at:

5 corners

8th Street

Martin's Plaza

Scottdale Bank


The mission of the Connellsville Police Auxiliary is to work with the Connellsville Police Department to reduce safety hazards, assist in emergency or disastrous situations, provide traffic and crowd control at community events, and to provide any other service deemed necessary by the Chief of the Connellsville Police. This is all to enhance the quality of life for the citizens and visitors to the City of Connellsville. We are a volunteer organization. We are private citizens who take time out of our lives to help the people in our community.

The Connellsville Police Auxiliary is a volunteer organization to supplement the Connellsville, PA Police Department. We do traffic and crowd control for parades, festivals, other special community events. We also are called out to assist with traffic duties for major fires and traffic accidents, floods, power outages, and other emergencies, and during times of major road construction we have assisted with traffic duty. The organization supplies a uniform and insignia for each member, and the members themselves provide their duty equipment. We meet monthly, and do hoagie sales and other fundraisers as a means of raising funds, as well as accepting donations from area groups and organizations. The City of Connellsville also provides an annual donation to the organization. All members are trained in proper use of CPR, and first aid, traffic and crowd control, and sometimes perform ride along functions with the City Police Officers. All of our members of the Auxiliary are sworn in by either the Mayor or the City Police Chief. We undergo NCIC and CLEAN background checks.

Connellsville Police Auxiliary

Greg Lincoln, Mayor

William Hammerle, Police Chief

Edward Younkin,Chief

Charles Sigwalt

Mary Sigwalt

Kelly Linko

David Morgart

James Morgart

Ed Smalley

Samuel Mardis

Hazel Gagean

Caroline Smith

Gerry Myers

Bruce Gemas

David Byers

Joyce Byers

Wyatt Hull

Robert Rider

Barry Booker

Patty Barnhart

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