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Health / Zoning / Code Office for the City of Connellsville

Tom Currey, Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 5 PM, 724-628-2020 ext. 207

Councilman Tom Karpiak, Director of Health and Public Safety

Tom Currey, Health/Zoning/Code Officer


Meeting: 4th Monday at 6 PM

Tom Currey, Health/Code/Zoning Officer

 vacant, 04/01/26

David McIntire, 01/25

Dale Cadwallader, 04/01/24

Jeffrey Peterson, 04/28

Richard Tiberio, 04/27

Councilman Tom Karpiak

Zoning Hearing Board

Meeting: As needed

1/2028, Shawn Michael Pilla 

1/2025, John Lypson

1/2026, Kara Addis

1/2026, Carl Ritenour

1/2027, Randy Strickler

1/2024, vacant

Pam Rose, Stenographer

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