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To share your event in the City of Connellsville, email or call Shelley at 724-628-2020 ext. 201,

Visit:  connellsville's first fridays on Facebook

Below is our Utilization Form.  If you are having an event in the City and would like to request City owned items, assistance of City employees, ect., this form must be filled out completely and given with your letter of request.

The following events are being planned by the Connellsville Recreation Board. When more information is available and flyer made, I will share with you.  PLEASE SEE FLYERS BELOW FOR SOME INFORMATION

City Wide Cleanup, April 20th

McPoyle Kickball Tournament, May 25th, McPoyle Field

Yough River Rally, May 31st - June 2nd

Friends Day, East Park, June 23rd

Croquet Tournament, East Park, July 27th

Tangled Up in Brew, Yough Park, October 5th

Silent Film Festival, Community Center, September 7th

Red White and Boom Festival, July 6th

There are more events being planned and hopefully we can share them soon.

When more information is available on the above events, I will post that information. For now, this is all I have. Thank you,

May 18, 2024 Will be the Geranium Fundraiser.  More information will be posted soon.

Lions Club concerts.JPG
April 18th Excela.JPG
April 27 tangled in vines.jpg
May 4th Neon Nights.jpg
May 18 tree training page 1.JPG
May 18 tree training page 2.JPG
May 18 train day.jpg
juneteenth contest.jpg
May 31 to June 2 Yough River Rally.jpg
June 2 Yough river rally floats.jpg
June 2 Yough river rally Grushecky band.jpg
May 31 to June 2 Yough River Rally Falsom Edit 1.JPG
May 31 to June 2 Yough River Rally tug of war.jpg
Rubber duck River Rally.jpg
June 1 The Clarks Yough.JPG
May 31 to June 2 Yough River Rally.jpg
June 2 Andy Davis.JPG
June 1 Lyen Hearts Yough.JPG
June 1 Cash Out Yough.JPG
June 1 Shiva Yough.JPG
June 1 Vendors Yough.JPG
June 22nd police golfing.jpg
June 2 golf.JPG
June PE In the Park.jpg
farmers market 2024.jpg
July 6 Red White Boom.jpg
eppic 2.JPG
Aug 24 Food festival.JPG
July 13 Albright Craft Show.jpg
eppic 1.JPG
NHH Hoagies.jpg

Sales date for New Haven Hose hoagies:  April 6, May 4, June 1, July 6, August 3,

September 7, October 5, November 2 and December 7

Central Fellowship Church, 316 N Arch Street, Free Community Lunch

4th Saturday of the month beginning January through October at 11 AM until 12:30 PM

3rd Saturday of the month in November at 11 AM until 12:30 PM DUE TO THANKSGIVING


Christian Church of Connellsville, 212 S Pittsburgh Street, Free Community Lunch

Every Monday at 11:30 AM until 1 PM

Saturday, June 1st, The Clarks


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