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Connellsville Housing Authority


Board Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 10:30 AM. Board meeting cancellations and changes are announced in the Legals section of the Classified Ads in the Daily Courier. 


Monday-- Friday

8:30 AM -- 12:00 PM

1:00 PM-- 4:30 PM


Office: 724-628-4500

Maintenance: 724-628-4500 (Press 1)

After Hours Emergencies ONLY:



121 W Peach Street

Connellsville, PA 15425

Connellsville Housing Authority


The Connellsville Housing Authority was founded in 1949 when Dr. J. Harold Dull, President of the Connellsville Chamber of Commerce became aware that subsidized housing was available to cities which had Housing Authorities. Greenwood Heights was the first site to be developed, with 60 apartments in 5 two-story buildings. Ground was broken in 1951, and occupancy began in 1952. North Manor was completed in 1955, and an addition to Greenwood Heights was built in 1958 (artist's rendering at left). After a failed attempt to add on to North Manor, some time elapsed before any new projects were begun. In 1970, it was determined that there was need in the community for low income housing for the elderly, and a 100 unit apartment building was constructed. This building was to be known as Riverview Apartments. Since then, the Housing Authority has worked to improve each of these three communities. 

Board of Directors

William Hughes 1/2026

Mary Kay Dunaway, 1/2028

Thomas Severin, 1/2025

Heather Taylor, 1/2027

Barbara Bielecki, 1/2029

Gina L. Salatino, Executive Director

About Our Housing

Currently, the Connellsville Housing Authority has three locations. These locations include North Manor and Riverview, which are public housing, and Greenwood Heights, which is Authority owned housing.

To Apply - Rental

To apply for housing, visit our office on Peach Street to pick up an application. You must pick up an application in person. View the map on the Housing Locations page to locate our office.


Rent for North Manor and Riverview is income based, with a flat rent option. See the HUD Public Housing Information link below for details. Rent for Greenwood Heights is flat for all tenants, because it is Authority owned housing.

Rent must be paid with check or money order. Cash is not accepted. A receipt is available upon request.

Any questions regarding rent should be directed to the office on 121 W Peach Street,


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