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The City of Connellsville has beautiful scenery for walking and bicycles.

Before you begin your walk or ride, please stop in at the caboose "welcome center". There are many pamphlets that will be helpful and answer many questions. You may also contact City Hall and we will do our best to help you. 724-628-2020 ext. 201.  

Behind Martin's Plaza, off 201 and Vanderbilt Road, You can park your vehicle and walk or bike the trail. You will find an open view.

Behind Comfort Inn Hotel, off First to Sixth Street on the west side, You can park and be on the bike trail or walk.

For a scenic ride or walk, begin on First Street and go towards Ohio Pyle.

There are many places to eat in the City. Please contact us if you need assistance finding a certain place.

We also have bed and breakfasts.

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