Provide your Input!

Over the next year, the City will be updating its Comprehensive Plan.  This is the first of many opportunities to get involved.  Take some time to tell us what you feel the priorities should be regarding the future of Connellsville.

* 1. Do you live in Connellsville?

* 2. Do you own property in Connellsville?

* 3. Do you own a business in Connellsville?

* 4. What factors contribute most to the quality of life in Connellsville (Choose your top 3)?

* 5. How important are the following items in terms of future development?

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Availability of Housing Choices
Parks / Access to Green Space
Sustainability / Energy Efficiency 
Transportation Network
Historic Preservation
Smart Technology (WiFi)
Job Creation

* 6. What type of development do you feel the City needs?

  More Same as now Less
Commercial / Office
Commercial / Retail
light Industrial / Manufacturing
Mixed Use

* 7. What should be the priority in terms of Housing Needs in the City?

* 8. What is the one thing you would like to City to focus on in this planning process?