Welcome to the City of
Connellsville, Pennsylvania

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City Council, for the year 2017, has scheduled City Council Meetings for the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6 PM in City Council Chambers, City Hall, 110 North Arch Street, Connellsville.

The City of Connellsville is governed by an elected body organized under the Third Class City Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The City Council is called the City Council of The City of Connellsville and consists of five elected officials, each serving a four (4) year term.

The City Council is charged with the general governance of the City to secure the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Community. To accomplish that task the Council adopts laws, known as ordinances, that govern various activities within the city.

The council appoints a City Clerk who is charged by Council with implementing the ordinances it passes and managing the annual budget of the City, which is adopted by the Council each December of the following year.

The City Council meets on a monthly basis to conduct business on behalf of the City. All meetings of council are open to the public with the opportunity at each meeting for public comment. If a resident has a concern he or she feels needs addressed by the City, the individual is encouraged to contact the City Clerk's Office which may be able to address the matter promptly. Residents are encouraged to present their vies on City mattes on any of the means available; including; letters, e-mail, telephone and voicemail.

City of Connellsville
110 North Arch Street
Connellsville, Pennsylvania 15425
Phone:  724-628-2020
Fax: 724-628-2020